Agrelia - The Finest Greek Olive Oil

We are very proud to have AGRELIA - Olive Oil in this month's The Goodie Box.

Besides the amazing taste, AGRELIA is made with the finest ingredients and their company is full of story.

"Born in Greece, in the historic region of Aigion, in Peloponnese, our family owned company is harvesting and cold pressing olive oil since 1923. We use the latest technology according to the international ISO standards to produce and deliver the exceptional and award winning quality of our premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The main factor which determines the premium quality of our Olive oil is its acidity: The lowest the acidity, the better the olive oil, which means that there are less of the unwanted free fatty acids. We carry peroxide tests to measure the level of deterioration after pressing, therefore the shelf life of our EVOO. We have been transitioned from the traditional olive oil production method which was involving the grinding of the olives using a granite wheel, with the resulting pulp being pressed through mats to achieve the oil. In most modern production the traditional wheel has been replaced with a grinder which uses centrifugal force and is efficient and clean. Less common systems include the use of needles which extract the oil while pulping the olives. Cold pressed olive oil means that the temperature during oil extraction won’t exceed 27 degrees Celsius.

The acidity content in our typical harvest is approximately 0.2%, which is well below the extra virgin qualification standard of 0.8% established by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC)."



You may be accustomed to olive oil that is gold in colour because the olives used in most manufactured varieties are blended and more mature in their harvest. This unfortunately means you are not unlocking the olives’ maximum health benefits. The Olive Connection’s olive oil is a deep green colour because our Koroneikiolives have been hand-picked early in the harvest, in order to access the highest polyphenol value.

AGRELIA olive oil has a characteristic mild bitterness, medium pungency and a fruity finish. This mild flavour is a positive indication of the quality and youth of our olives. It is very well balanced, subtle olive oil, equally ideal for raw consumption on salads and seafood, but also for cooking and baking. 



Vitamins can be divided into the fat soluble and water soluble varieties.

Fat soluble vitamins, such as the ones found in olive oil, are generally not broken down by cooking. They are stored in the liver and body fat for long periods so it is not essential to eat them with every meal. Cured whole olives have both water and fat soluble vitamins.

Vitamin E(a natural antioxidant): Olives have 1.6mg, or 2.3 IU (International Units) per tablespoon. One tablespoon provides 8% of RDA for vitamin E.

Vitamin K: The richest sources of vitamin K are green, leafy vegetables. One serving of spinach or collards, for instance, or two servings of broccoli provide four to five times the RDA.

The greener the vegetable, the higher the content, say the researchers, because the vitamin is associated with the chlorophyll. According to the USDA , vegetable oils such as olive oil are the second best source.



According to the data of international scientific organizations, olive oil has a much higher nutritional value than seed oil, animal and other fats, while exerting a beneficial effect on the human body, helping to fight many diseases. Specifically:

1. It lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), without affecting the good cholesterol (HDL) and thus avoid the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaque on vessel walls.

2. It exerts a protective effect against serious illnesses such as heart disease, thrombosis, diabetes and skin diseases. It contributes positively to blood pressure control.

3. It reduces the likelihood of rheumatoid arthritis.

4. It reduces the likelihood of breast cancer by 45% and possibly of colon cancer.

5. It helps in building healthy bodies, impacting positively on the development of the central nervous system and brain marrow.


To know more about AGRELIA go to their website or follow them on instagram @agrelia_aus

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