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Umami Pantry brings the flavours of Japan to your kitchen!


‘Umami’ is a Japanese word translating to ‘a delicious savoury flavour’ that stays in your tastebuds and has you wanting more. Australian company Umami Pantry delivers this sensation throughout all of their products. Miso paste, one of their best sellers, has been around for thousands of years.


What is Miso?

Miso is an ancient Japanese superfood that brings a whole lot of umami to any dish. Made from fermented soybeans, this incredibly versatile ingredient is a great addition to soups, marinades or salad dressings. Not only does it carry a tasty salty flavour that you won’t be able to get enough of, but it also has some sneaky added health benefits.


Miso is rich in vitamins and minerals such as; B Vitamins, Manganese and Zinc, making it a great addition to boost the nutrition profile of your meals.


The fermentation processes used to make Miso also makes it a rich probiotic. Probiotics have been shown to help keep our gut microbiome as well as our bodies, healthy and happy. 


Are There Different Types of Miso?


There are two main types of Miso paste, that are both available through Umami Pantry. Red Miso has a slightly bolder flavour that is best suited to soups, marinades and glazes. White Miso is very light in flavour and has less of the salty taste we associate Miso with.


Unsure how to use Miso? Click here for some great recipe inspiration from our friends at Umami Pantry.


All of Umami Pantry’s Miso products are Australian made, Vegan and Certified Organic, making them the perfect choice for your Miso needs.


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Written by Maddi Parsons, Nutritionist, BNSc

Instagram - @maddiparsonsnutrition

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