Whose Behind the Box?

Ever wondered who the faces are behind The Goodie Box Australia?

We are Brazillian sisters, who are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Clean eating for us is about having access to good, nutritious food and staying active to give us the energy to live our best life.

The Goodie box was birthed out of necessity! As a new mum, I (Michele) was on the hunt for nutritious snacks to keep myself healthy that I could quickly grab without compromising my healthy living choices. The bonus was, my sister loves taking care of herself too!

Apart from being a busy mum with two boys (Michele) and an awesome aunt (Bruna), we have always been entrepreneurs from a young age growing up in our native Brazil. So, bringing together healthy snack choices delivered to your door was a natural progression for us.

We love curating and delivering healthy snacks to our customers, without YOU having to run all over the place finding the right choices.

We look forward to chatting with you more soon.

Michele & Bruna

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