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3 Month Subscription Goodie Box

I enjoyed all the products in the Goodie Box, was able to give some away as Christmas Presents, and loved the products I kept for myself. Carmel

Great new products

Receiving new products each month has been great. Only receiving 1 item of something is good as if you don’t like it you haven’t wasted your money, if you do you can then purchase more of it.

Lovely box of healthy treats

The Goodie Box is full of great healthy products, some familiar and some new so it introduces you to more that's out there.

Very happy


Goodie delights

I love my monthly box of allergy friendly goodie treats for my son & I to try

Good value

I always find the boxs are interesting and have a variety of different things. They are also a great way of trying new things without having to buy a full box or pack.

Wide variety of healthy products

The Goodie Box is a great way to get to know more healthy products in the market. I enjoyed their probiotic drinks and high fibre food. My husband and son likes the snacks (cranberry cookie, raspberry chocolate bar, chocolate coated chickpeas). The delivery company you use is also excellent in delivering parcels to apartments. They always make an effort to buzz my unit so that I get my Goodie Box at my doorstep!

Look forward to it every month

We love receiving the Goodie Box. We get things we may have been meaning to try but not done so yet, or things we have never seen. So far, each month we have purchased at least 1 if not 2 items we have discovered through The Goodie Box. Highly recommend it, especially to anyone just starting out on a plant based journey

I enjoy the box and all the surprises in those boxes. Thank you very much.


Love all the products, I can't wait every month to receive my goodies and see what yummy surprises I get 😊

The best one yet

I really liked all the products from this goodie box. I was introduced to some yummy new products that i will be re purchasing.

Mystery Box Goodies

The mystery box was awesome and jam packed full of great goodies!! Will definitely get one again next time they pop up!

Loved it!

The mystery box was great, such fun to open a box and have no idea of what's in it. Loved the items. I recommend it.

Great products

Great products, really enjoying trying everything

Loving it!

Trying products i wouldn't actually buy... loving it.

Fantastic surprise

I was gifted a three month subscription and was very happy with my goodie box! So many delicious treats. A big thumbs up from me!

All for Me

Was lovely to have a few things just for me.. Awaiting my next box of surprises


We gave The Goodie Box as a gift to our daughter, she was absolutely delighted. Wonderful presentation, great products and excellent value for money. Thank you Goodie Box!!

Grate box of goodies

I love getting a box of mystery goodies and this box lived up to my expectations

6 month subscription

Love the 6 month box. Great getting new products each month

Yummy Box

Loved it! Healthy and yummy!

Great snacks

First box was a joy to go through the many healthy snacks, looking forward to my next box

A good range of products

Got to try a few products that I haven’t had before which was good , looking forward to the next box

Like getting a monthly present in the mail

I was very excited to open the box and see what was in my first delivery. It didn’t disappoint, lots of samples of products I didn’t know about and a few old favourites of mine. Am looking forward to next month’s surprise!

Loved it ♥️

I really enjoyed opening my first Goodie box
Beautifully packaged, I loved the info cards for some of the products
I never knew Wasabi Broccoli chips were so good 🥦 Looking forward to the next box